Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sudhir Tyagi - Not Just A Vet

Leo is not just another puppy, he is the apple of several eyes!! And he actually is! He has turned out in such a temperamental, active, healthy and beautiful puppy that its nearly impossible to stay away from him. But its not just us who have been working on Leo, Dr. Sudhir Tyagi has an immense role in taking care of the overall health of Leo.

Dr. Sudhir Tyagi is a well known veterinary doctor in Crossing Republik, Ghazibad, India and Leo has been visiting him since the day we got him. Leo got all his vaccinations and regular check ups done at Dr. Sudhir's Clinic - Pet Sehyog Clinic!

We would never be able to thank him enough for his continuous support! He is the one who called up at midnight and at 6 AM in the morning to check on Leo's health when Leo suffered from diarrhea at the age of 7 weeks. How many doctors would do that for their patients? Not many, I guess! He has been more of a friend than a Vet to Leo. He takes special interest in the well being of Leo and am sure he does the same for other pets too. You can call him round the clock and he would never complain!

I would personally recommend him to all the pet owners in the near by area! If you need some one who cares as much for your pet as you do, then he is the one you gotta go to!

PS: This post is not a paid post! Its a thank note to Dr. Sudhir Tyagi!


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