Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pedigree Chicken and Liver Chunks Review

Its time for another review and am back with Pedigree Chicken and Liver Chunks, which comes in a pouch of 80 gms. It comes in a yellow, easy to open pack. This tiny pouch is meant for one time use only and costs INR 30.

Product Description :

Pedigree puppy pouches are a great puppy food that will give him the very best start in life. It has the right balance of antioxidants and calcium to strengthen his bones and kick start his immune system. Calcium and vitamin E help keep him protected as he grows. Just the right amount of minerals to help him develop healthy teeth. Zinc and Vitamin B help him looking and feeling as gorgeous as the day you first saw him. Easily digestible rice helps to keep him healthy from the inside out. With Calcium and phosphorous to help his joints grow strong and supple. From the Manufacturer Add water. Shake. Serve! Re-hydrated kibbles your dog will lap up down to the last morsel. When mixed with Water, the kibbles help make the water turn into gravy fluid which results in a highly palatable diet. Every dog deserves professional nutrition At Pedigree, everything we do is for the love of dogs. That's why we develop recipes based on research from The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition. Our dry recipes provide professional nutrition to address the Four Universal Needs of Dogs.

Features :

  • Made with real chicken and liver
  • Gives appropriate proteins
  • Easy to digest
  • Maintains healthy and lustrous coat


Chicken, liver, dietary fiber, soy oil, gravy, gelling agents, flavor, coloring agents, minerals and vitamins

Nutritional analysis

Crude protien (min) 8%, crude fat (min) 5 %, crude fiber (max) 3 %, moisture (max) 84 %

This pack contains some chunks in gravy. The cubical chunks come in two different colors as shown in the images below. The pack needs to be consumed the same day once opened.

I don't trust Pedigree for fulfilling nutritional requirements but I still buy this product again and again. And that's because, I use this only as a topping on Leo's regular food and he really likes it. Whenever Leo is not willing to eat, I add this to his food and he finishes the food with charm.

This product has only 8% protein and 84% is just moisture so not a good option for using as a complete meal but can certainly be used as a snack or a treat or as a topping.

Will I Buy it Again :  

Yes, it is a good and pocket friendly option to add some taste to the regular food of your dog. 


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