Saturday, April 25, 2015

Adorable Rottweiler Puppy

Its so strange that "Rottweiler" is such a misunderstood dog breed. While I would use adjectives like "Obedient", "Intelligent", "Super Cute", "Adorable", "Fast Learner" etc., many people think the opposite.

Among all the Leo's videos shared on Youtube, the ones with the highest number of hits are the ones with the title "Barking", "Aggressive", "Growling" etc. These are the keywords, people associate with Rottweilers. Looks like I will start an NGO very soon to clear this air around Rottweilers ;) !! Ha ha

Its not just me but anyone who meets Leo is just taken aback by his love and innocence. He greets everyone with so much love that its impossible to remain untouched. But while he is extremely loving, he also owns too much of guard instinct. The moment there is a sound in the house, he does become a Rottweiler ! He will run towards the entrance door and start barking while being alert! Its fun to watch him doing this at the age of just 3-4 months!! His care and protectiveness towards his owner and family is majestic! Why would anyone not want to have a Rottweiler, I ask!

Leo has become popular in our neighbourhood! Starting from the neighbors to the guards to the friends, everyone is now more concerned about him than us! People have started visiting us more often since the day Leo has arrived, just to say "Hi" to him! Isn't that amazing?

Here is a video of Leo shot today while he was playing with a Labrador puppy. Watch it out :

Rottweiler Puppy - 108 Days

I have been too caught up with work these days and hence couldn't find time to write a post. Weekend was a chance I didn't want to miss, so I am here again with the latest updates on Leo.

Leo is more than 100 days old now. Wow, yes he is 108 days old today!! He weighs 16 kilograms now. All his vaccination shots are now complete. He only needs to get Rabies shots and get the de-worming at regular intervals now.

Check his pics clicked in the last few days :

Posing to howl

I own this couch!

I told ya, I own it!

I can even bite it. Toys aren't enough for me!

I just lost a tooth, can you see it near my paw?

Leo is loosing his teeth these days. He just lost a tooth and I learnt it when I saw this picture clicked just now :

I can see the red spot where there was a tooth few seconds back!

A closer look

I hope the teething phase is over for my baby soon. It might be painful for him, though I don't see any changes in his activities/ behavior due to this!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Look Into My Eyes

I was browsing through some of Leo's pics and realized that his eyes speak a lot. You will see a different emotion in the eyes of animals at different times. I have collected and published some of his pics where his eyes gather all the attention.

Ready To Get On The Couch

I Am On The Couch, Finally!
Don't Think I Am Sleeping, I Am Watching Every Bit You Are Doing

Eyes Or Tongue?

Can You See My Eyes?

What's That Device In Your Hand?


I Am So Cute

Don't Angry Me. Lol!

Eyes Or Tongue Returns ;)

3 Months Old Rottweiler Puppy - Day 92

Leo is 92 days old today. He weighs 12 kilograms. He is 19 inches tall and 20 inches long. He is doing good as per the growth chart of Rottweiler puppies.

Here are a few pictures of Leo, clicked today.
Tired Of Reading All The Books! ;)

Do I Look Dangerous Enough To Scare You Away?

Food Time

Leo was primarily on a Royal Canin diet and had been doing well till now. However, when I did some research online, I found that Royal Canin is not one of the preferred brands outside India. It got a 2 star as per one of the websites which reviewed and rated most of the dog food brands. Royal Canin consists of Rice as one of its major ingredients. Hence, I am switching Leo's food to Farmina N&D which has got a 5 star rating on the same website. It has Low Grain and Grain Free variants. The protein content is higher too as compared to Royal Canin and the ingredient list is better.

I have ordered Farmina Natural and Delicious LG Chicken and Pomegranate Puppy Food, 12 kg (Maxi) for Leo and plan to move him completely to Farmina N&D gradually. 

Will post its feedback after a month for all the readers who plan to switch their dog food. Solid Gold and Earthborn Holistic were also on my preferred list so you may like to try that too! I had also tried to get Taste of The Wild but unfortunately, that's not available in India. I hope my Rottweiler is going to do good with Farmina for now and gains some weight.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Are Rottweilers Dangerous??

Rottweilers are assumed to be one of the most dangerous breeds of dogs. I did some research on Rottweilers before getting Leo home and realized that there is too much air about Rottweilers and people are generally scared of  them. I have personally met people who have asked me why I chose a Rottweiler when I have a kid at home.

To all these assumptions and opinions, I can say just one thing - If Rottweilers are not good family dogs, then may be my dog is not a Rottweiler!!

Do you still think Rottweilers are not good pets after looking at the pictures below?


How cute and adorable he looks. His innocent eyes can melt even the toughest of the hearts! And they say, Rottweilers are dangerous?

No one in our family had any prior experience of raising a Rottweiler but we still went for it as I believe that it all depends on how you raise your dog. I have seen Labradors who are aggressive !! Then why be biased towards this highly intelligent and obedient breed? They deserve all the love and care of yours and I bet they will win it once you get them home!

These are the pictures of the day Leo was brought home. He was 40 days old.

Rottweilers follow you like your shadow when they are around. They won't leave you alone even for a single minute! Leo keeps following me all day in the house except when he is sleeping. I have to be really quiet while moving when he is sleeping else he wakes up and again follows me wherever I go. They like to be close to people. They don't like to be alone and will make your feet their home :)

You love them once and they will love you back 100 times. I am a happy and proud owner of a Rottweiler and have no regrets of getting him home!

Funny Rottweiler Puppy - Day 91

Leo does funny things all through the day! I try to capture as many moments as possible and share it with my readers.

My son is jealous of Leo because he thinks Leo is luckier than him!! Wonder why? Because Leo gets everything he needs and doesn't have to study! Lol !!

But that's not completely right. Leo does learn and obey few things. Watch this video to see how he waits patiently for a nod to eat his food.

Don't you think there couldn't have been a better puppy? :)

Like most of the dogs, Leo is an aqua-lover too. Watch this funny video to see what he does when he sees water. And no, he is not thirsty, he is just having fun!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

3 Months Old Rottweiler Puppy

Leo has finished his most delicate phase of growing up. He is 3 months old now. He has become a giant puppy from a little cute cub. Below are the pictures showing how Leo looked at 12 weeks, 10 weeks, 8 weeks and 6 weeks.

You just can't ignore how fast these cute things grow!!

At 12 Weeks

At 10 Weeks

At 8 Weeks

At 6 Weeks

An Interview With Leo - Day 90

Leo is 3 months old and on this 3rd monthly birthday of Leo, we thought of interviewing him! Now that we know everything about Leo, we thought of sharing it with the world. Here are some questions and the answers Leo would have given to them if he could ;).

  • How old are you today? - I am 90 days old today
  • Are you completely housebroken? - Oh Yes, I was completely at 10 weeks! Isn't that amazing?
  • How are you feeling these days? - Ah, its really hot here in India and I feel lazy. I don't like to eat and just feel like sleeping most of the times
  • What consist of your daily diet? -  I am completely on Royal Canin Maxi/Rottweiler Junior diet. Apart from that I get boiled eggs and potatoes and little rice.
  • What is your favorite food? - I love bananas and boiled eggs and of course my treat biscuits
  • What is your favorite past time? - Its still chewing, of course!
  • When do you get angry? -When this 7 year old kid pisses me off with extra love and play. Aww!
  • How are you pampered? - I love getting brushed
  • How many hours do you sleep in a day? - May be around 12-14 hours
  • Do you go out to play? -Yes, once or twice a day for around half an hour each time
  • Do you enjoy outdoors? - I am busy eating grass, so I don't know!! Lol!
  • Do you do anything to piss off your master or his/her family? - Yes, I am behind their stuff all the time. I love to chew different things, specially the ones which are still useful
  • Have you scared anyone yet? - Not intentionally but yes, a mail man
  • Have you bitten anyone yet? - Not yet but plan to do it soon ;)
  • What do you enjoy the most? - Lying on my back and getting caressed
  • What is the cutest thing you do? - I pick up something which I am not supposed to and run away so fast thinking I would never be caught!!
     Here is a pic of Leo at 3 months!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rottweiler Puppy Pictures

Leo is 85 days old today. There isn't much update on him today so am just sharing some of his recent pics for the appetite of all the Rottweiler lovers.

What's cooking, mum?

No, I won't eat that!

Let me catch up on my sleep rather

I love to sleep

Who's there?

Umm, what's that?

Gimme that thing

Am just out of a refreshing bath