Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tick Collar - Bayer Kiltix Collar Review

I am back with a review post today after a long time. This time I am going to review a vital product - tick collar.

All the pet owners wonder about how we can get rid of ticks and keep looking for solutions.Ticks not only make our pets upset, they can also cause the dangerous tick fever. They are mostly found on the softer areas of the body, like ears, paws and belly.

I used to find a tick or two on Leo almost every other day and was looking for a solution. I thought of testing Bayer Kiltix Collar to see how effective it was. So I bought this collar of "Large" size in INR 630. Smaller sizes cost lesser.

The collar expires after five years of its manufacturing but its effective for around six months once it is opened from the packaging.

The collar I got was in cream color and a white powder coating stuck to my fingers when I touched it. The description on the packing says that it should be kept out of reach of children and one should wash the hands once handled the collar.

This is how the collar looks.

And this is how Leo looks with the collar :)

Leo has been wearing this collar for the last 3-4 months and I haven't found a single tick since then. Am so glad about it. I had been monitoring him and checking for the ticks regularly whenever he came back from a walk, when he started wearing the collar. Gradually, the frequency has reduced as I believe the collar is working. I now check his body twice or thrice a week for ticks.

Am relieved that I can save my dog from ticks using this collar. I hope more people can try this after reading this post and be happy about it!!


11 Months Old Rottweiler Puppy

Hi All,

I know it's been a while and I was kind of lost in other things so couldn't give any update on the well being of Leo.

While I wrote the heading of today's post "11 Months Old Rottweiler PUPPY", I couldn't help myself from smiling. I said "puppy" for a dog [actually puppy] who weighs 40 Kgs, is 22-23 inches tall and looks strong and big enough to scare the shit out of anyone. Lol !! But yes, he is still a PUPPY!!

Let's see how this puppy looks now, after a gap of 2 good months!!

Mum, can I also join in for the studies?

Noone's watching, lemme finish off this piece of paper fast!!

My Standard Pleading Pose

Doesn't he steal your heart? He looks so cute and adorable. I ask myself everyday, "Rottweilers are dangerous, really?". I think only the Rottweiler owners should be allowed to talk about this and am sure they all would say "you must be kidding"!!!

Well, now let's talk about how Leo has been doing recently.
He is getting mature day by day but still runs behind balls so we need to be really careful while taking him for a walk. He can get crazy at the mere sight of a ball or a balloon and it gets tough to hold him. Of course he is probably more powerful than us now at the age of 11 months !!!!

Apart from this, he is an obedient loving dog. He still likes to sit under my study table while I work on my laptop and still obeys the commands as religiously as he did earlier.

I have recently taught him how to crawl and he enjoys his training sessions as much as I do.  Its fun to watch him doing all the commands at one go without defaulting. As of now he knows come, sit, down, play dead, role, no, fetch, stay, off, eat, heel, touch, jump, hand[shake] and crawl. 

With time, Leo has understood what people do when they have to go out :). I mean dressing up and doing something while standing in front of the dressing table. So now, when ever he watches us doing those activities, he gets restless [poor dog :( ]. He understands that we are going out and might not take him, so he starts following me like my shadow. And as soon as the footwear is on, you got to see the look on his face. And then comes the happy ending, ask him to get his leash and tell him "Leo, let's go" and you see his tail wagging happily with excitement. The moment makes the day!! How can anyone be stressed when they have a dog at home?!! :D :D

Enough for this post, though I have a lot more to share but that would be coming in the next post pretty soon. Till then, take care of your furry friends and enjoy!!