Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Strong Rottweilers

Rottweilers are one of the strongest dog breeds and just by looking at their built you can make that out. They have an impressively muscular body which can scare any one. The harder they look by their built, the softer their hearts are!! This 25 inches tall, 50 kgs dog breed needs regular exercise and likes to stay active. His enormous size can discourage even the most courageous of intruders.
Below are some of the recent pics of Leo. This puppy is turning into a perfect huge Rottweiler.

I just took a bath

Do I look dangerous enough to scare you away?

What are you doing down there?

When can I get in the car?


Finally, I am in!

Morando Miglior Cane Professional Chicken & Turkey Pate Review

Leo gets bored of a particular food quickly so I keep trying new things to add some variations to his food. In this process, I bought Morando Miglior Cane Professional Chicken & Turkey Pate for him. I was going to offer Turkey to him for the first time so I was excited to see how he reacts and I was expecting a very positive response. Lets read on to see if Leo liked it.

Morando Miglior Cane Professional Chicken & Turkey Pate comes in a cylindrical can with a sturdy packing. You can seal it with its plastic cover once you have opened the pack. The packing looks good and it comes in two sizes. 400 gms pack costs INR 110 and 1250 gms pack costs INR 275.


Your pet can get easily bored with the same dog food everyday. Like us he or she also need variation in its food. Treat your pet with this scrumptious chicken and turkey pate from Migilor. This gourmet food has been formulated using real pieces of chicken and turkey. The Chicken and Turkey Pate for your dog contains all the nutritional requirements required for a healthy growth. It is mix of all the required proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This ensures that the taste palate of your pet is enhanced but there are no compromises made on the nutrition. You can give this to all your adult dogs as a complete meal or just garnish the pate for your pet’s regular food.

  • Real pieces of chicken and turkey
  • Gives appropriate proteins
  • Palatable wet food for your pet
  • Completes the nutritional requirement of your pet

  • Life stage - Adult
  • Quantity - 0.4 kg
  • M.R.P. - Rs. 100
  • Breed - All breed
  • Ingredients - Meat and animal derivatives (chicken 5%, turkey 5%), fish and fish derivatives , minerals
  • Analytical Constituents - Moisture 80%, crude protein 10.2%, fats & oils 6%, crude fibre 0.5%, crude ash 3%

  • Feeding guidelines
weight 5 10 15 25 35 50
Feeding in gm 420 700 950 1400 1800 2400

  • Storage -
  1. Store in cool dry place when the can is packed
  2. For open pack - Store it in refrigerator onceopened, consume with in a week

This pack contains small pieces of chicken and turkey in the shape of cubes. There is a lot of gravy and you can see a lot of grease on top of it.

I added this as a topping on Farmina N&D Chicken & Pomegranate Puppy Food to make it taste better for Leo. Surprisingly, Leo didn't even bother to taste it!! He just smelled and moved away. I somehow made him eat a couple of chunks but that was it. I tried it again for his next meal but still the same response. All in all, I had throw away the whole can along with its contents as Leo was not at all interested in eating it.

So if you want to buy this, do not buy the bigger can. Try out the smaller pack because the chances of your pet liking it are rare.



Friday, July 24, 2015

Leo's Haul Continues

In continuation with the previous post done yesterday, I am back to show the rest of the products which were bought for Leo. So let's see what else was remaining in store!!!

Special Dog Excellence Puppy and Junior with Rice, Linseed & Citrus Fruits

We got 4 bags of 1.5 Kgs each. Each bag costs INR 750. Watch these cute pics where Leo seem to be guarding his food !!

All4Pets Magic S-Bone

I am not sure why they are called magic bones. Leo liked them and finished a bone in just 2-3 minutes as they are too small for him. But the name is a question to me and also the price. These just 10 small bones cost INR 200!!

Alll4Pets Handled Comb

This comb has a comfortable handle and is more suitable for dogs with longer coat but it isn't too bad for Leo too. It's MRP is INR 250.

All4Pets Double Side Pin Brush

I really liked this brush. It's double sided so can be used from both the sides and it costs INR 200.

That's all for now. Hope you liked the products too! Keep pampering your pets and show their buys to us!


More Shopping For Leo

Hello everyone,

As promised, I am back with another haul of Leo. I recently ordered few more things for him and they arrived today. Lets see what did the lucky boy get today :)

That's whole lot of stuff, yeah?

Now, let's have a look at them, one by one!

Kennel Kitchen Chicken Casserole

I had got this for Leo earlier and he had really liked it, so I have got it again for him. Read it's review here : Kennel Kitchen Chicken Casserole Review

Pedigree Chicken Chunks Pouch

I had ordered the variant for puppies but they have sent me the adult one. They have also initiated a refund for this as soon as I contacted them. Amazon is quick in such matters!!

Morando Miglior Cane Professional

It contains chicken and turkey chunks. I had ordered a can of 450 gms. This is the first time I have got this for Leo and will post the review soon.

Silytek Feed Supplement


It has the ability to protect the liver from free radical damage. It is 10 times more potent an oxidant than vitamin E. The ailments such as Cirrhosis, hepatitis and other liver diseases are prevented and reversed

There are few more things but I will be sharing those in a different post tomorrow. Enough for today, time for a break!! Cheers!!


Adorable Rottweiler Puppy

I have been doing review posts since last week and Leo took a back seat. But he is back with a bang!!

To start with, let's watch out this super cute video of Leo, enjoying his ice cream. Yes, he does that too!!

Leo has learnt several other commands like "Pretty Sit", "Play Dead" and "Shut the Door". I will be sharing the videos soon.

Below are the pics clicked recently when Leo was out for walk but he ended up running excessively. The pictures show how much he was huffing and puffing.

Below is a video of Leo shot during one of his zoomies. Watch Leo getting wild :) 



Thursday, July 23, 2015

Drools Chicken & Rice Puppy Food Review

Drools is one of the cheapest brands of dog food available in India and the reviews were not very flattering and that was the reason I always doubted it's quality. I got an unbelievable deal on it once and ended up getting a 20 Kgs bag of its "Chicken and Rice" variant for puppies.

The bag was black and blue in color unlike the red ones shown on the websites. The packaging was good and looked good too. The 20 Kgs bag's MRP is INR 2900 but you can buy it cheaper by following the steps mentioned in my another post here.

Product Description :

Drools chicken and rice formula contains chicken and rice as our main ingredient, to build and maintain lean muscle mass for top body condition. A great combination of ingredients, vitamins, minerals and nutrition for everything from strong bones to optimal digestion. Drools chicken and rice adult nutrition is developed to help your dog live a long and healthy life. It also has optimum ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids to help your dog have healthy skin and beautiful coat. Chicken, rice, corn, wheat, corn gluten meal, fish oil, soya refined, corn oil, lecithin, essential amino acid, minerals, vitamins, salt and antioxidants.

Ingredients :

Chicken, Rice, Corn, Wheat, Corn Gluten Meal, Fish oil, Soya Refined, Corn oil , Lecithin, Essential Amino Acid, Minerals, Vitamins, Salt and Antioxidants

The kibble size is smaller as compared to other brands like Farmina, Royal Canin and Solid Gold. It smells like nothing, nothing really!!

I was feeding this to Leo only once a day and continued with his regular other brand food for the rest of the meals. After a month, I noticed worms in this food!! And when I emptied the bag, I found the bag was full of worms!! Don't believe me? Check out the pics below :)

I contacted the Drools officials and they replaced my bag in the next 4-5 days and collected this bag for quality check. I had bid adieu to Drools after this experience so I fed the new bag to Street dogs.

I know a lot of people are feeding Drools to their pets but for me that was the end.

Will I Buy It Again : Certainly not

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Farmina N&D Low Grain Chicken & Pomegranate Puppy Food Review

After giving Solid Gold Hundchen Flocken Puppy Food a try, I returned back to Farmina N&D LG Puppy Food for Maxi Breed as this has been the best dog food I have come across till now. Leo had been resisting Solid Gold like anything and preferred to stay hungry over eating Solid Gold. I was afraid to open my Farmina 12 Kgs bag as I was still wondering if he was resisting only Solid Gold or was he not willing to eat any dog food!! I didn't want to waste 12 Kgs of premium dog food. Lets see how Leo responded to Farmina.

Farmina comes in a beautiful bag and I really like the look of it. Just like Solid Gold, even Farmina's bag does not have a zipper and need to be stored carefully, once opened. It costs INR 6180 for a 12 kgs bag but you can get it cheaper by following the steps mentioned in my post here.


Product Description :

The evolution of dogs and cats was similar to that of predators, so their anatomy is structured to essentially carnivorous diet. Despite the outward differences of race, all dogs are descended from their wild ancestor, the gray wolf, with whom they share 99.8 percent of their genetic code. Therefore, just as their ancestors, our dogs and cats prefer eating carnivore, that’s why in terms of anatomical feature they have: Sharp and pointed teeth to tear meat, jaw joint that allows a wide mouth opening for the ingestion of large pieces of meat, a short digestive system simply structured with a strong acidic gastric pH suitable to digest and metabolize proteins, therefore meat.
  • Complete food for puppies and expecting or breastfeeding dogs
  • 70 percent premium animal ingredients
  • 30 percent fruits, minerals and vegetables
  • 0 percent grain and GMO ingredients

Ingredients :

Fresh boneless chicken (20%), dehydrated chicken meat (20%), spelt (10%), oats (10%),
chicken fat, dehydrated whole eggs, fresh herring, dehydrated herring, hydrolyzed fish proteins, dried beet pulp, fish oil, fiber vegetable of peas, dried carrots, dried alfalfa, inulin, fructooligosaccharides, mannanoligosaccharides, pomegranate powder (0.5%), dehydrated apple, spinach powder, psyllium (0.3%), powdered blackcurrant, dehydrated sweet orange, powdered blueberries, sodium chloride, dried brewer’s yeast, turmeric root (0.2%), glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, Marigold extract (source of lutein).

Supplements per kg :

Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 16000IU; Vitamin D3 1600IU; Vitamin E 600mg; Vitamin C 160mg; Niacin 40mg; pantotenic acid 16mg; Vitamin B2 8mg; Vitamin B6 6.4mg; Vitamin B1 4.8mg; Vitamin H 0.40mg; folic acid 0.48mg; Vitamin B12 0.1mg; choline chloride 2800mg; Beta‐carotene 1.5mg; zinc chelate of the analogous methionine hydroxylase 910mg; manganese chelate of the analogous methionine hydroxylase 380mg; ferrous chelate of glycine hydrate 250mg; copper chelate of the analogous methionine hydroxylase 88mg; selenomethionine 0.40mg; DL-methionine 6000mg; Taurine 1000mg; L-Carnitine 300mg. Organoleptic Additives: aloe vera extract 1000mg; green tea extract 100mg; rosemary extract. Antioxidants: tocopherol-rich extracts of natural origin.

Typical Analysis :

16.40 Mj/kg

Available formats :

  • 800 gr
  • 2,5 kg
  • 12 kg

Farmina kibbles are average in size and good enough for my Rottweiler puppy. They are dark brown in color and have a strong distinct smell. When touched, they leave some oil in your hands. Its low in grain and the ingredient list is much better compared to other dog foods available in India. Protein content is high too.

As soon as I opened the packet, Leo was tempted by its smell [aroma?]. I offered him a handful of kibbles, he smelled and sniffed and that's it. My heart broke :( !! What was I supposed to do with it now? Throw it? Donate it to street dogs? Give it to some one else who owns a dog? I could do that but then what was I going to feed to Leo? I wanted to tell him "Leo, this is not Solid Gold, this is Farmina, your favorite, you remember?".  I could no way do that so I opened his mouth and put a kibble in his mouth and asked him to eat, he obeyed!! Now, I offered him the kibbles again and he started eating, yay!! Mission Completed!! :D

So finally, Leo is eating Farmina and now I know that the problem was not with the dog foods but with Solid Gold. Somehow, Leo didn't seem to like it at all. I am happy I got Farmina for him this time and would mention again that its the best dog food I have come across till now. 

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Will I Buy It Again : Of course, again and again!!


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Some More Pampering!

I recently bought few things for Leo and thought of sharing the same with my readers. Checkout my haul for Leo.

Chewable tablets from Venttura which act as a feed supplement. They are advised for dogs in growing stages or with joint problems. Hip dysplasia is a common problem in Rottweilers, so our vet suggested we gave this to Leo during his growing years for stronger bones and joints.

Aptimust syrup for better functioning of Liver and to improve the appetite.

 Calcium supplements from DogSpot.

 I received the tablets in almost powdered form ;) and they refunded half of the money for this.

Multivitamin supplement from DogSpot again.

A multivitamin syrup again!

That's all for now but I will be back with another haul pretty soon.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Kennel Kitchen Chicken Casserole Puppy Food Review

Leo had developed a disinterest towards dog food and it was then when we started trying different stuffs to make his food more interesting. We started with yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese and then tried canned gravy food. We mix these things with his regular food so that he doesn't have to eat the same food all the time.

So one of them was Kennel Kitchen Chicken Casserole Puppy food. It comes in a pack of 300 gms and costs INR 57 only. That's cheap, isn't it?


Growing dogs exhibit omnivorous feeding behavior and therefore their diet should be comprised of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water in the correct proportions. A puppy food that meets these requirements is called a "Complete" or "Balanced" diet. The amount of food a puppy requires changes during growth and depends on the puppy's age, breed, gender, activity, temperament, environment and metabolism. Growth is a very important stage for a puppy and their diet should contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water in the correct proportions. A puppy food that meets these requirements is a complete or balanced diet. Kennel Kitchen puppy food diet has been carefully formulated to meet all the nutritious needs of growing puppies. 

Guaranteed Analysis :
  • Crude Protein Min(g/100g) = 7.48
  • Moisture Min (g/100g) = 68.99
  • Crude Fat (g/100g)= 7.20
  • Crude Fibre Min( g/100g) = 3.17
  • Calcium Min (Mg/100g) = 219.61
  • Iron Min( Mg/100g) = 9.51

This food is different from other canned foods which can be served as it is. Kennel Kitchen Chicken Casserole needs to be warmed up either in Microwave or in hot water before being served. Once opened, the packet should be refrigerated and should be finished the same day.

Warming it up in the microwave is more convenient but since we are vegetarians, I didn't want to use my microwave for warming up chicken :) !! You need to empty the contents in a microwave safe container and heat it for 30 seconds, if you plan to use your microwave.

Another alternative mentioned on the pack was to keep the packet as it is in boiling water for  a minute and then feed it to the puppy. I boiled up water and let the packet sink in for a minute or two.

Once heated, I opened the packet and the content looked like this :

The consistency of the food was too thick and it was tough to take it out from the packet and its tough to mix it with other food as well. I mixed the entire content with Leo's food and voila, he gulped it down pretty soon. I couldn't have been happier!!

  • Leo liked it and ate his food quickly so its a good way to make your pet eat if he is not eating properly
  • The ingredient list is impressive so its going to be healthy for your pet
  • It comes at a very nominal price so easy on the pockets too

  • It needs to be warmed up before serving which might be an inconvenience 
  • The consistency of the product is too thick 

WILL I BUY IT AGAIN : Yes, though I will try other foods as well, I will continue to buy this too as long as my pet likes it.