Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Morando Miglior Cane Professional Chicken & Turkey Pate Review

Leo gets bored of a particular food quickly so I keep trying new things to add some variations to his food. In this process, I bought Morando Miglior Cane Professional Chicken & Turkey Pate for him. I was going to offer Turkey to him for the first time so I was excited to see how he reacts and I was expecting a very positive response. Lets read on to see if Leo liked it.

Morando Miglior Cane Professional Chicken & Turkey Pate comes in a cylindrical can with a sturdy packing. You can seal it with its plastic cover once you have opened the pack. The packing looks good and it comes in two sizes. 400 gms pack costs INR 110 and 1250 gms pack costs INR 275.


Your pet can get easily bored with the same dog food everyday. Like us he or she also need variation in its food. Treat your pet with this scrumptious chicken and turkey pate from Migilor. This gourmet food has been formulated using real pieces of chicken and turkey. The Chicken and Turkey Pate for your dog contains all the nutritional requirements required for a healthy growth. It is mix of all the required proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This ensures that the taste palate of your pet is enhanced but there are no compromises made on the nutrition. You can give this to all your adult dogs as a complete meal or just garnish the pate for your pet’s regular food.

  • Real pieces of chicken and turkey
  • Gives appropriate proteins
  • Palatable wet food for your pet
  • Completes the nutritional requirement of your pet

  • Life stage - Adult
  • Quantity - 0.4 kg
  • M.R.P. - Rs. 100
  • Breed - All breed
  • Ingredients - Meat and animal derivatives (chicken 5%, turkey 5%), fish and fish derivatives , minerals
  • Analytical Constituents - Moisture 80%, crude protein 10.2%, fats & oils 6%, crude fibre 0.5%, crude ash 3%

  • Feeding guidelines
weight 5 10 15 25 35 50
Feeding in gm 420 700 950 1400 1800 2400

  • Storage -
  1. Store in cool dry place when the can is packed
  2. For open pack - Store it in refrigerator onceopened, consume with in a week

This pack contains small pieces of chicken and turkey in the shape of cubes. There is a lot of gravy and you can see a lot of grease on top of it.

I added this as a topping on Farmina N&D Chicken & Pomegranate Puppy Food to make it taste better for Leo. Surprisingly, Leo didn't even bother to taste it!! He just smelled and moved away. I somehow made him eat a couple of chunks but that was it. I tried it again for his next meal but still the same response. All in all, I had throw away the whole can along with its contents as Leo was not at all interested in eating it.

So if you want to buy this, do not buy the bigger can. Try out the smaller pack because the chances of your pet liking it are rare.