Saturday, July 4, 2015

6 Months Old Rottweiler Puppy

Leo will be 6 months old after 2 days. He has always been and is still a sweetheart to everyone who knows him. We can't help and keep pampering him a lot. In spite of all the love, affection and pampering, he is not a spoiled kiddo :) . At each visit to his vet, Leo keeps getting compliments for his tolerant behavior and being so adorable which everyone thinks is rare in Rottweilers!!

We got a checkup done for Leo today and bought a few things for him. We bought a cute training stick for Leo and a Liver tonic. Leo doesn't seem to be much interested in eating these days. He has been eating only half of what he generally eats. So the vet suggested this syrup for him. We gave him the syrup this afternoon and surprisingly, he suddenly became too hungry after a couple of hours. He doesn't like his dog food until we mix some egg, chicken or cottage cheese but today he gulped it down immediately. I am wondering what this syrup did to him ;)!!

 Here is a cute pic of Leo clicked last evening.

I love icecreams

A few more pics :

Am I Dangerous?

One more pic?!!


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