Monday, June 29, 2015

How To Become A Dog Trainer

Making your passion your living is always a blessing. Most of the dog owners already are dog trainers to some extent but some of them really have a thing within them about it. If you love dogs, I bet the thought of becoming a dog trainer would have crossed your mind at least once. Who would not want to get paid for something they really like doing, after all!!!

Training a dog requires a lot of patience, practice and of course skill. One needs to understand canine psychology as positive and negative reinforcement, positive and negative punishment, conditioned reinforces, discrimination, generalization, habituation, sensitization and desensitization, blocking and overshadowing, motivation, establishing operations, conditioned emotional responses are few things you will need to implement while training them.

Apart from this one also needs to be aware of genetics of behavior, fixed action patterns, social signals, body language, social development, critical periods, hormonal influences and breed characteristics.

You can only train a dog when you understand them, they do not understand human language. We need to communicate to them in a way they understand. A dog trainer should possess strong animal handling skills and must adore and respect animals and treat them with kindness.

There are several short courses available in India and abroad for dog trainers. Some of them in India are available at:


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