Saturday, June 27, 2015

Activities of a Rottweiler Puppy

I am back today with yet another update on Leo. The frequency of my posts have reduced lately, courtesy the pressure at work and my laziness too :). Apart from that, there aren't much updates on Leo as he has reached a stage where his activities aren't changing everyday as they were earlier.

Leo is now 5.5 months old. This is how he looks now :

Leo is growing in a beauty. He is 23 inches tall and weighs 30 kgs. He is as adorable as he always was. Not sure if every Rottweiler does that but Leo gets super excited whenever someone enters the house and wants to play with everyone, contrary to the image of Rottweilers. He greets every one with so much love and just starts rolling in their feet. He will sniff for some time, lick them and then let them be themselves :) . His behavior is so different than what we usually read about Rottweiler that sometimes I doubt if I really have a Rottweiler ;) .

I have been observing lately that Leo's coat shine has reduced to a considerable extent. It might be because I changed his food or may be because he is loosing a lot of hair these days. I just hope this hair fall stops soon as it is making me crazy. No one wants to see dog hair all over the house and in your food plate a few times!!

I switched Leo's food from Farmina to Solid Gold and I am not very happy with it. First look at Solid Gold disappointed me! I have reviewed various dog foods in a different post and you can find it here. We are feeding Leo thrice a day, majorly dog food and other things include Rice, Eggs, Cottage Cheese, whole wheat breads, Chicken, Milk, Yogurt, Mutton and some fruits.

Leo goes for walk only once a day these days due to extreme heat here. He starts waking us up at 4:45 AM [yeah, on weekends too :( ] so that he doesn't miss on his enjoyable walks and play. He gets very active in the evenings and runs around in the house like crazy. He doesn't like to left alone and gets very nervous if we try to leave him behind. We have started taking turns to go out :) .

All said and done, we are in love with Leo!


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