Saturday, February 28, 2015

Playing Rottweiler Puppy - Day 52

Leo is now 52 days old and he is recovering very fast from his diarrhea. He is doing well now and is eating his food as usual. He had been keeping us on our toes and in spite of being a weekend, he didn't let us sleep extra hours today. The other side of owning a pet :) . Below is a video of him when he was playing with my son today :

Leo seems to be learning things very fast and is making us happy with his habits. He has got potty trained so well that he himself goes to the designated area each time he needs to. He doesn't eat his food until he is asked to, however hungry he might be. And let him be at any corner of the house, one call to him and he will be there for you!

Leo will be 8 weeks old in a couple of days and hence we got the Royal Canin Rottweiler Junior food for him today. We will be starting it in a few days.

We hope he will grow up in a healthy and sound Rottweiler dog!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Diarrhea In Rottweiler Puppy - Day 51

Its really sad that my lovely playful puppy suddenly had an upset stomach yesterday. He started passing loose, watery stools after every half an hour. Within a couple of hours he became inactive and refused to eat anything. We spoke to the vet and he advised some pro-biotic medicine for him. The medicine didn't show any improvement and we took Leo to the vet around 10 in the night again. He gave him three injections and a couple of medicines. Leo came back and ate a biscuit after an hour. He was still inactive and it made our hearts sank. It was difficult to see this playful child lying in a corner quietly. Below is the pic when he took a nap on our sofa last evening

And when he wanted to play last evening :

He kept on passing loose stools till 2-3 AM. We kept a careful eye on him throughout the night and made him drink water every now and then to avoid De-hydration. He showed signs of improvement in the morning and had his morning biscuit as everyday. He followed his everyday routine of following me while I prepared my son's breakfast and soaked Leo's food. Finally we were relieved when Leo looked as hungry as always and finished his food immediately.

He played a lot again this morning and didn't show any sign of being sick apart from a couple of loose stools. He is doing fine now and here are some pictures of today :

I also made a couple of videos of him today. Have a look

Growling Leo

Funny Leo

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Activities of A Rottweiler Puppy - Day 50

Leo has become a stress buster for us. He is making us laugh with his activities every now and then. I was never a pet lover but Leo has changed me completely and now I think everyone should have a dog!

My days now start with treating him with a biscuit. As soon as my alarm rings in the morning, Leo runs out of his crate and starts following me and licking my feet continuously. He goes back to his crate only when he gets a biscuit and as soon as he finishes it, he is back :). He will keep sitting in my kitchen while I will be preparing the breakfast for my son and soak his food. He takes his breakfast around 6:30 AM and then sleeps for an hour. 

We have introduced rice and lentils too to Leo. We have started giving little quantity so that his stomach adjusts to it easily. He has not shown any allergies/reactions to anything yet and am sure he is a rough tough boy.

Here are a few pics of today.

Aww, my cute puppy!

He likes to pose, doesn't he?

A rott couldn't be cuter!

He wants to play now

Leo gets really playful several times a days and starts running behind us. As soon as we start giving him attention, he will lie on his back and start moving his legs. He really enjoys it when we caress his stomach and wants us to do it again and again. He also does a lot of biting when he wants to play as that's the only way he thinks he can play. We hand him over his toys which he grabs and runs funnily all around the house. Its a treat to watch him doing it. Below is a video where he is pulling my clothes to play with me :

We have also started leash training for Leo. I ask my son to walk him for few minutes everyday on leash which both of them enjoy. We do this indoors as we have been advised by the vet to not to take him outdoors until his major vaccinations are done. He is prone to infections until then and we need to be careful. Raising Leo has become a joyful job for all of us and we are truly enjoying it!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cute Rottweiler Puppy - Day 49

Leo turned 49 days! He has been with us for 9 days now and feels so much like a family! We saw so many changes in him in the last 9 days. Not only has he doubled in his size, his behavioral activities have also changed. He has started sleeping lesser , now around 15 hours a day. He is more playful and even bites now :) . He is trying to bite and chew each and everything he can get hold of including our hands and feet!! Its tough to stop him from doing it. Each time he tries to bite us or a furniture, we hand him his toys and then next 10 minutes he remains busy with them. He enjoys our company and can't afford to stop seeing us even for a minute. You disappear from his sight and he starts getting anxious! That's why it is said that Rottweilers are family dogs and they do a lot of damage due to separation anxiety!

He is either sleeping, or chewing up things (playing) or licking our feet throughout the day. He has got so accustomed to his routine that he will reach the exact place at his food time, treat time, sleep time etc. When I came back from office yesterday (I generally work from home, so had gone for the first time since Leo had arrived), it came running to me as soon as I entered the door and started licking my feet. I had to actually stop and keep standing still for a couple of minutes to let him shower his love. And then he kept following me until I asked him to SIT. He is such a loving boy.

Here are his pictures of Day 49! You might notice that his belly has reduced and am hopeful he will look quite fit in a couple of days!

Love his almond eyes

It doesn't looks like a 7 week old

My cute baby

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Overfeeding a Rottweiler - Day 46

We were feeding Leo 4 times a day and whenever we fed him, he looked hungry even after finishing his food. We thought he is not getting sufficient food and increased the quantity of food! This is what happened after that :( :( . Look at his belly, man !

We had no intentions of having a cute little puppy with a huge pot belly and so we took him to the vet again! Too many visits to the vet, yeah? I am sure I didn't take my son to pediatrician that many number of times ;) !

We had already de-wormed him so having worms in his stomach was not in our minds. As expected, vet declared that we were overfeeding him and we need to give him 5-6 smaller meals rather than 4 big meals. We reduced the time difference between his two meals and reduced the quantity as well.

We also got puppy biscuits/treats for him which we are giving him 2-3 times a day (one each time). We give it only after he does something for us, like following our "Sit", "Come" and "No" commands. Leo automatically started acting on "Sit" and "No" as we kept on telling those words to him while interacting with him. We taught him "Come" which he has learnt very well now. We have started teaching him "Stay" and "Off" which he has already started learning. He is such a great learner! I plan to teach him "Heel" and "Paw" next. They say its never too early for a Rottweiler to be trained.

Watch him responding to my commands :

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Feeding a Rottweiler Puppy

Leo is now 45 days old, he has adjusted well at his new home. He is very playful and keeps running all around the house. I have been too busy watching his activities and didn't click any pic to be posted :) !

We are now feeding him Royal Canin Puppy Starter Food for Giant Breeds apart from the other puppy starters suggested by our vet. He doesn't likes the "Pet-O-Lac" and we need to mix a tea-spoon of milk to it to feed it to Leo. We are going to stop it now as Leo has adjusted well to RC and loves it.

If you want to feed your puppy/dog, home made food, then you may like to buy this recipe book here.
You will find several recipes for food as well as for treats. Not only would it help you feed the best things to your pet, it also guides you on how to prepare shampoos, supplements, take care of special needs of your pets etc. I am sure its going to help you make your pet healthy and fit as ever.

Coming back to Leo, we take him outdoors after every meal and he is such a good boy to release himself each time except few! He is an intelligent dog who picks up things very easily. He likes to sit in my son's lap and on the sofa/couch when all of us are sitting on it. He doesn't like to be left alone even for a single minute and keeps on following us through out the day when he is not sleeping.

Leo also got his first vaccination today and the next one is due on 8th March. He might have fever tonight so we need to be really careful and keep an eye on him.

In spite of the added responsibility, we are glad we brought him home!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Rottweiler Puppy - Day 41

Leo (our puppy) slept most of the time the previous day and we read that the puppies his age (6 weeks) sleep for 18-22 hours a day, so we convinced ourselves that it was okay for him to sleep that much. Though we wanted to see him play and run, we were content to see him happy whenever he woke up.

He didn't trouble us last night and slept for most part of it apart from his few visits to release himself. We had been feeding him with puppy starter food as suggested by our vet, 4-5 times a day. Since we saw him itching and scratching, we thought giving him a bath would be a good idea as he might not have been at a hygienic place earlier. Below is the pic after he had taken bath and got his hair dried and brushed.

Later we regretted our idea of bathing him. He vomited thrice the next day and we took him to vet immediately. We were told that the puppy looses his immunity as soon as he is given a bath and hence it shouldn't be bathed till he is 100 days old. Leo had caught cold :( ! Though his activities were still the same as the last two days and he seemed equally playful and energetic, he was throwing up some white foamy liquid 4-5 times a day. Vet gave us some medicines which we continued for 3 days and he was fine in a couple of days! Thank God, we were really scared! The little pup's eyes  melts our hearts!

We visited the vet again after a couple of days and got some multi-vitamins and calcium syrup for Leo. We also got a dog spray to clean him, to avoid giving him a bath again! Leo is doing very well and has been one of the most active and playful puppies we have ever seen. I will be posting some videos of him soon.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Welcoming our Rott!

On 16th Feb 2015, we welcomed our rottweiler to our home. We were too excited and our son missed his school :). We had been thinking of a name for him ever since we planned to get a Rott and had agreed upon "Leo"! He was 40 days old, the day he arrived to our place.

I know we shouldn't be getting a puppy before 8 weeks of age but the breeder was selling off all his puppies so we had to get it. These are some of his pics of his first day at our house.

It played, jumped and ran around for an hour before he slept and we were too happy to see him adjusting well to the new environment. So from here, began a new phase of our lives where we lost our freedom but were cherishing it!