Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Rottweiler Puppy - Day 41

Leo (our puppy) slept most of the time the previous day and we read that the puppies his age (6 weeks) sleep for 18-22 hours a day, so we convinced ourselves that it was okay for him to sleep that much. Though we wanted to see him play and run, we were content to see him happy whenever he woke up.

He didn't trouble us last night and slept for most part of it apart from his few visits to release himself. We had been feeding him with puppy starter food as suggested by our vet, 4-5 times a day. Since we saw him itching and scratching, we thought giving him a bath would be a good idea as he might not have been at a hygienic place earlier. Below is the pic after he had taken bath and got his hair dried and brushed.

Later we regretted our idea of bathing him. He vomited thrice the next day and we took him to vet immediately. We were told that the puppy looses his immunity as soon as he is given a bath and hence it shouldn't be bathed till he is 100 days old. Leo had caught cold :( ! Though his activities were still the same as the last two days and he seemed equally playful and energetic, he was throwing up some white foamy liquid 4-5 times a day. Vet gave us some medicines which we continued for 3 days and he was fine in a couple of days! Thank God, we were really scared! The little pup's eyes  melts our hearts!

We visited the vet again after a couple of days and got some multi-vitamins and calcium syrup for Leo. We also got a dog spray to clean him, to avoid giving him a bath again! Leo is doing very well and has been one of the most active and playful puppies we have ever seen. I will be posting some videos of him soon.

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