Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cute Rottweiler Puppy - Day 49

Leo turned 49 days! He has been with us for 9 days now and feels so much like a family! We saw so many changes in him in the last 9 days. Not only has he doubled in his size, his behavioral activities have also changed. He has started sleeping lesser , now around 15 hours a day. He is more playful and even bites now :) . He is trying to bite and chew each and everything he can get hold of including our hands and feet!! Its tough to stop him from doing it. Each time he tries to bite us or a furniture, we hand him his toys and then next 10 minutes he remains busy with them. He enjoys our company and can't afford to stop seeing us even for a minute. You disappear from his sight and he starts getting anxious! That's why it is said that Rottweilers are family dogs and they do a lot of damage due to separation anxiety!

He is either sleeping, or chewing up things (playing) or licking our feet throughout the day. He has got so accustomed to his routine that he will reach the exact place at his food time, treat time, sleep time etc. When I came back from office yesterday (I generally work from home, so had gone for the first time since Leo had arrived), it came running to me as soon as I entered the door and started licking my feet. I had to actually stop and keep standing still for a couple of minutes to let him shower his love. And then he kept following me until I asked him to SIT. He is such a loving boy.

Here are his pictures of Day 49! You might notice that his belly has reduced and am hopeful he will look quite fit in a couple of days!

Love his almond eyes

It doesn't looks like a 7 week old

My cute baby

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