Saturday, February 21, 2015

Feeding a Rottweiler Puppy

Leo is now 45 days old, he has adjusted well at his new home. He is very playful and keeps running all around the house. I have been too busy watching his activities and didn't click any pic to be posted :) !

We are now feeding him Royal Canin Puppy Starter Food for Giant Breeds apart from the other puppy starters suggested by our vet. He doesn't likes the "Pet-O-Lac" and we need to mix a tea-spoon of milk to it to feed it to Leo. We are going to stop it now as Leo has adjusted well to RC and loves it.

If you want to feed your puppy/dog, home made food, then you may like to buy this recipe book here.
You will find several recipes for food as well as for treats. Not only would it help you feed the best things to your pet, it also guides you on how to prepare shampoos, supplements, take care of special needs of your pets etc. I am sure its going to help you make your pet healthy and fit as ever.

Coming back to Leo, we take him outdoors after every meal and he is such a good boy to release himself each time except few! He is an intelligent dog who picks up things very easily. He likes to sit in my son's lap and on the sofa/couch when all of us are sitting on it. He doesn't like to be left alone even for a single minute and keeps on following us through out the day when he is not sleeping.

Leo also got his first vaccination today and the next one is due on 8th March. He might have fever tonight so we need to be really careful and keep an eye on him.

In spite of the added responsibility, we are glad we brought him home!

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