Thursday, February 26, 2015

Activities of A Rottweiler Puppy - Day 50

Leo has become a stress buster for us. He is making us laugh with his activities every now and then. I was never a pet lover but Leo has changed me completely and now I think everyone should have a dog!

My days now start with treating him with a biscuit. As soon as my alarm rings in the morning, Leo runs out of his crate and starts following me and licking my feet continuously. He goes back to his crate only when he gets a biscuit and as soon as he finishes it, he is back :). He will keep sitting in my kitchen while I will be preparing the breakfast for my son and soak his food. He takes his breakfast around 6:30 AM and then sleeps for an hour. 

We have introduced rice and lentils too to Leo. We have started giving little quantity so that his stomach adjusts to it easily. He has not shown any allergies/reactions to anything yet and am sure he is a rough tough boy.

Here are a few pics of today.

Aww, my cute puppy!

He likes to pose, doesn't he?

A rott couldn't be cuter!

He wants to play now

Leo gets really playful several times a days and starts running behind us. As soon as we start giving him attention, he will lie on his back and start moving his legs. He really enjoys it when we caress his stomach and wants us to do it again and again. He also does a lot of biting when he wants to play as that's the only way he thinks he can play. We hand him over his toys which he grabs and runs funnily all around the house. Its a treat to watch him doing it. Below is a video where he is pulling my clothes to play with me :

We have also started leash training for Leo. I ask my son to walk him for few minutes everyday on leash which both of them enjoy. We do this indoors as we have been advised by the vet to not to take him outdoors until his major vaccinations are done. He is prone to infections until then and we need to be careful. Raising Leo has become a joyful job for all of us and we are truly enjoying it!

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