Friday, February 27, 2015

Diarrhea In Rottweiler Puppy - Day 51

Its really sad that my lovely playful puppy suddenly had an upset stomach yesterday. He started passing loose, watery stools after every half an hour. Within a couple of hours he became inactive and refused to eat anything. We spoke to the vet and he advised some pro-biotic medicine for him. The medicine didn't show any improvement and we took Leo to the vet around 10 in the night again. He gave him three injections and a couple of medicines. Leo came back and ate a biscuit after an hour. He was still inactive and it made our hearts sank. It was difficult to see this playful child lying in a corner quietly. Below is the pic when he took a nap on our sofa last evening

And when he wanted to play last evening :

He kept on passing loose stools till 2-3 AM. We kept a careful eye on him throughout the night and made him drink water every now and then to avoid De-hydration. He showed signs of improvement in the morning and had his morning biscuit as everyday. He followed his everyday routine of following me while I prepared my son's breakfast and soaked Leo's food. Finally we were relieved when Leo looked as hungry as always and finished his food immediately.

He played a lot again this morning and didn't show any sign of being sick apart from a couple of loose stools. He is doing fine now and here are some pictures of today :

I also made a couple of videos of him today. Have a look

Growling Leo

Funny Leo

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