Sunday, February 22, 2015

Overfeeding a Rottweiler - Day 46

We were feeding Leo 4 times a day and whenever we fed him, he looked hungry even after finishing his food. We thought he is not getting sufficient food and increased the quantity of food! This is what happened after that :( :( . Look at his belly, man !

We had no intentions of having a cute little puppy with a huge pot belly and so we took him to the vet again! Too many visits to the vet, yeah? I am sure I didn't take my son to pediatrician that many number of times ;) !

We had already de-wormed him so having worms in his stomach was not in our minds. As expected, vet declared that we were overfeeding him and we need to give him 5-6 smaller meals rather than 4 big meals. We reduced the time difference between his two meals and reduced the quantity as well.

We also got puppy biscuits/treats for him which we are giving him 2-3 times a day (one each time). We give it only after he does something for us, like following our "Sit", "Come" and "No" commands. Leo automatically started acting on "Sit" and "No" as we kept on telling those words to him while interacting with him. We taught him "Come" which he has learnt very well now. We have started teaching him "Stay" and "Off" which he has already started learning. He is such a great learner! I plan to teach him "Heel" and "Paw" next. They say its never too early for a Rottweiler to be trained.

Watch him responding to my commands :

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