Wednesday, June 3, 2015

5 Months Old Rottweiler Puppy

I have been on a 2 weeks business trip and hence couldn't post any update on Leo recently. Leaving this adorable baby [apart from my 7 year old kiddo, ofcourse] and going away was tough but coming back and seeing him back was an entirely fulfilling experience.

I was amazed at how much bigger and grown up Leo looked in just 15 days. And I was amazed at how excited he was on seeing me back. True Love! :)

There isn't much change in his habits in the last few days, so nothing much to share.  He has reduced his chewing to a great extent, almost gone!! His teeth are back, most of them!! We now feed him thrice a day. His meals majorly consist of the Farmina/Solid Gold dog food. Apart from that he also eats eggs, cottage cheese, banana, rice, whole wheat bread, curd and milk [yes, we do give him milk and he loves it. And he has no lactose intolerance]. We are still continuing with his calcium and multi-vitamin supplements.

See how this beauty looks now :


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