Saturday, July 11, 2015

Order Dog Food Online at Cheap Prices

Feeding premium dog food to your dog food can be quite expensive and specially when you have a large breed dog like Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Great Den etc. And trust me, if you are getting a pet for the first time, its going to cost you a lot more than what you would have already estimated :) !

Hence, I planned to share some ways which can help you buy food and other stuffs for your pet at a cheaper price than you might end up buying otherwise. Lets see how we can offer the best things to our pets and still manage a smaller hole in our pockets! :)

  • Most of the shopkeepers sell the products at MRP. Hence, give them a break. Buy your stuff online, you get much better deals online. Make sure you plan well ahead of time because online orders might take 8-10 days to get delivered, so you need to place your orders well before you would need them. 
  • Google for the product you want to buy and compare a few websites to see who is offering the lowest price. I mostly place my orders from and Their prices are generally the best ones.
  • Search for coupons for the website you finally want to buy from. I generally manage to get around INR 500 off on my orders using some coupon or the other.
  • Now once you have finalized from where you want to buy, create your account on if you already do not have one. You get decent cash back anywhere between 2-8% from Pennyful which helps in saving some more money. Go to your chosen website through Pennyful and place your orders. See how to place orders through pennyful here.
  • Look out for payment options like PayUmoney, mobikwik to get more cash back on your orders.

Using the above steps, I generally save thousands of Rupees a month. So if you plan to buy a 12 kg pack of Farmina dog food whose MRP is INR 6180, you can end up buying it for as low as 4000!! Isn't that what we really wanted?

Try it and let me know how much you were able to save!! Keep pampering your pets!!