Sunday, July 5, 2015

Introducing My Pug : Jack

In my last post, I introduced Zooni, my Labrador dog. After Zooni, its turn for my pug puppy now. He is Jack and he is 6.5 months old now. He is 10 days older to Leo, yeah he looks really small in front of Leo though. Size matters!! :D

Don't you try to scare me with your size

The day we got him

Aww, isn't it really cute?

Jack tries to scare you with his extra-large eyes. I get lost while trying to figure out where they end ;). His eyes look like candies to me (not tempting though)! :D

What did you just say, candy?

Let me scare you from my glowing eyes

Let me show you my spaceship eyes

He is an extremely pampered puppy, eats only freshly made cottage cheese with his dog food and sleeps on bed with a pillow !!

You jealous?

As little he might look, he is full of energy all day and keeps hiding here and there. He is playful all the time except when he is sleeping and throws tantrums when not given attention. Is he really a pug? lol.

No Kidding!

Who's there?


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