Sunday, July 12, 2015

Solid Gold Hundchen Flocken Puppy Food Review

In search of the best possible food for my puppy, I ended up buying Solid Gold Hundchen Flocken Puppy food. I had ordered a 12.9 Kgs bag and had got the same at Rs. 4700 after all the discounts. MRP of the same is Rs. 6200. To get a discounted price, follow the steps mentioned in my post here.

Solid Gold Hundchen Flocken Puppy food claims to be made of fresh lamb meat. It also claims that no corn, wheat or soy which are common allergens for dogs are a part of the ingredients. Lets see how it treated Leo and how Leo treated it!!

This nutritous and healthy puppy food is the puppy version of Solid Gold's original dry dog food, Hund-N-Flocken. Introduce your growing puppy to the finest, tender lamb and a well-balanced meal full of high-density protein and whole grain brown rice for optimal growth and development. Puppies are a work in progress, so it’s never too early to start good habits to help unleash their inner gold.

Hundchen Flocken® is made with lamb, brown rice, peas, pearled barley and other nutritious and wholesome ingredients. No meat by-product meal, corn, wheat, soy, sugar, artificial preservatives or flavors added.

The packing of Solid Gold Hundchen Flocken Puppy Food is not very impressive. It comes in a silver bag with no zipper. So once you have opened the bag, you can't seal it again which is a big no-no if you order a bigger packet. I generally order 12-15 kgs bags and storage became an issue for Solid Gold. You need to pack it either in an air-tight container or find some other alternative.

Kibble size is normal which is neither too big nor too small. Good enough for my Rottweiler puppy. To me the kibbles looked like drools but a bit bigger in size.

The moment I opened the bag, I was disappointed. I was expecting something better. Of course I can't taste this myself and share the feedback but after trying so many dog foods for my pet, I have got a pretty good idea about them. For the first two days, my pet enjoyed this food but since then he doesn't even look at it. I had ordered a 12 kgs bag and now making my pet to eat it, is a pain. We tried offering the same with eggs, cottage cheese, chicken and some canned gravy but in vain.

Its been 2 months and this bag is still not finished. I ordered other foods for my pet and try to give them alternatively. I did not notice any positive change in my pet's growth after I started feeding him Solid Gold Hundchen Flocken Puppy Food. He had a distinct shine in his coat which has reduced a lot, and I am waiting to change his food and notice if it happened because of Solid Gold!!

Overall, I am not very satisfied with Solid Gold but I would say its better than other cheaper brands like Drools and Pedigree. The ingredient list is much better and there are no recalls for it.

Try buying a smaller pack and see if your pet likes it. If he does, you may go for a bigger one, else skip it.

WILL I BUY IT AGAIN :  No, my pet likes Farmina better, so I will stick with that!

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  1. Leo is a lucky dog! Have also gone thru your other inputs else where which I found very useful and informative. My three-month old Labrador is an indiscriminate scavenger and for the past two months has been brought up on Drools Focus Starter. This has been soaked in water a bit to cover her water intake and I added a large table spoon of mixed vegetables (carrots, been and yams)which helped keeping her stool in a soft consistency. Had I found your site earlier I would have gone for Farmina Puppy food but had ordered Solid Gold (7kg - 15lbs) pack from Amazon. So I will be starting her on this from today. One positive about Drools is their superb zip-loc packing. Am keeping this to store the 4 kg of Solid Gold while I use the balance - being winter hopefully it will be okay.

    1. Hey,

      Glad that you have liked my blog and could find some useful information for your puppy. What's her name, share his pictures too!

      Its good that you have soaked it else they could be hard for a puppy to chew and then the puppy also eats a lot of quantity which gets soaked in the stomach and swells and makes the puppy's belly bigger.

      Leo also loves few veggies and fruits like beet root, carrot, cucumber, apples, bananas etc. Its good to give them these but it should be in limited quantity as you are doing. It doesn't contain the required nutrition for their growth so shouldn't be the major part of their meal.

      We give yogurt as well to Leo whenever we feel that his stools are not proper. You may want to try it too, though be careful in winters. Do not introduce too many things at a time though, she is still too young.

      Solid gold is also okay as long as your puppy is eating it, so don't worry about it. Next time onwards, you may order Farmina.

      Yes, that's right about the packing of Drools. Royal Canin also provides zipper locks. Problem with bigger bags of Solid gold and farmina is that they don't have locking so you need to be careful about their storage.

      Looking forward to your updates about the puppy!