Tuesday, April 7, 2015

An Interview With Leo - Day 90

Leo is 3 months old and on this 3rd monthly birthday of Leo, we thought of interviewing him! Now that we know everything about Leo, we thought of sharing it with the world. Here are some questions and the answers Leo would have given to them if he could ;).

  • How old are you today? - I am 90 days old today
  • Are you completely housebroken? - Oh Yes, I was completely at 10 weeks! Isn't that amazing?
  • How are you feeling these days? - Ah, its really hot here in India and I feel lazy. I don't like to eat and just feel like sleeping most of the times
  • What consist of your daily diet? -  I am completely on Royal Canin Maxi/Rottweiler Junior diet. Apart from that I get boiled eggs and potatoes and little rice.
  • What is your favorite food? - I love bananas and boiled eggs and of course my treat biscuits
  • What is your favorite past time? - Its still chewing, of course!
  • When do you get angry? -When this 7 year old kid pisses me off with extra love and play. Aww!
  • How are you pampered? - I love getting brushed
  • How many hours do you sleep in a day? - May be around 12-14 hours
  • Do you go out to play? -Yes, once or twice a day for around half an hour each time
  • Do you enjoy outdoors? - I am busy eating grass, so I don't know!! Lol!
  • Do you do anything to piss off your master or his/her family? - Yes, I am behind their stuff all the time. I love to chew different things, specially the ones which are still useful
  • Have you scared anyone yet? - Not intentionally but yes, a mail man
  • Have you bitten anyone yet? - Not yet but plan to do it soon ;)
  • What do you enjoy the most? - Lying on my back and getting caressed
  • What is the cutest thing you do? - I pick up something which I am not supposed to and run away so fast thinking I would never be caught!!
     Here is a pic of Leo at 3 months!

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