Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rottweiler Puppy - 108 Days

I have been too caught up with work these days and hence couldn't find time to write a post. Weekend was a chance I didn't want to miss, so I am here again with the latest updates on Leo.

Leo is more than 100 days old now. Wow, yes he is 108 days old today!! He weighs 16 kilograms now. All his vaccination shots are now complete. He only needs to get Rabies shots and get the de-worming at regular intervals now.

Check his pics clicked in the last few days :

Posing to howl

I own this couch!

I told ya, I own it!

I can even bite it. Toys aren't enough for me!

I just lost a tooth, can you see it near my paw?

Leo is loosing his teeth these days. He just lost a tooth and I learnt it when I saw this picture clicked just now :

I can see the red spot where there was a tooth few seconds back!

A closer look

I hope the teething phase is over for my baby soon. It might be painful for him, though I don't see any changes in his activities/ behavior due to this!

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