Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Are Rottweilers Dangerous??

Rottweilers are assumed to be one of the most dangerous breeds of dogs. I did some research on Rottweilers before getting Leo home and realized that there is too much air about Rottweilers and people are generally scared of  them. I have personally met people who have asked me why I chose a Rottweiler when I have a kid at home.

To all these assumptions and opinions, I can say just one thing - If Rottweilers are not good family dogs, then may be my dog is not a Rottweiler!!

Do you still think Rottweilers are not good pets after looking at the pictures below?


How cute and adorable he looks. His innocent eyes can melt even the toughest of the hearts! And they say, Rottweilers are dangerous?

No one in our family had any prior experience of raising a Rottweiler but we still went for it as I believe that it all depends on how you raise your dog. I have seen Labradors who are aggressive !! Then why be biased towards this highly intelligent and obedient breed? They deserve all the love and care of yours and I bet they will win it once you get them home!

These are the pictures of the day Leo was brought home. He was 40 days old.

Rottweilers follow you like your shadow when they are around. They won't leave you alone even for a single minute! Leo keeps following me all day in the house except when he is sleeping. I have to be really quiet while moving when he is sleeping else he wakes up and again follows me wherever I go. They like to be close to people. They don't like to be alone and will make your feet their home :)

You love them once and they will love you back 100 times. I am a happy and proud owner of a Rottweiler and have no regrets of getting him home!

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