Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Choostix Biskies Chicken Flavor Review

Leo is very fond of biscuits and munchies and so we keep getting them for him. Though one should be monitoring the intake of these things as they might make your pet grow over weight without providing them the required nutrition. We use biscuits only as a treat while training him or when he does a good job. :)

So recently I ordered Choostix Biskies in Chicken Flavor. It comes in a transparent jar and is convenient to use and store. This 1 kg jar costs INR 225.

These biscuits are bone shaped and light brown in color. They are not very hard like the biscuits of few other brands and can be easily broken into smaller pieces, if required.

Without Flash

With Flash

Leo loves these biscuits, he loves all the biscuits for that matter :) . Just show him a biscuit and he will do what ever you will ask him to. I keep buying them again and again but restrict the consumption to around 2-3 biscuits a day on an average.


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