Wednesday, March 4, 2015

8 Week Old Rottweiler Puppy - Day 56

Leo turns 8 weeks today. He is exactly 56 days old today and we are excited about the new phase of his growth. The initial two months of a puppy's life are very delicate and crucial and we need to take special care if we get them before they turn 8 weeks old.

I am glad about the way Leo has grown over the last two weeks. He has shown significant difference in his physical as well as behavioral aspects. Here is a pic of Leo which shows how he looked at 6 weeks and how he looks now.

Leo understands and follows the commands "Come", "No", "Sit", "Stay", "Off", "Eat" and "Hand Shake" which is pretty good for his age. He is very active throughout the day and sleeps well throughout the night. We do take him out of his crate a couple of times in the night so that he can release himself. 

We had been feeding "Royal Canin Puppy Food" to Leo and have started the "Royal Canin Junior Rottweiler Food" from today. We are not following the Feeding Guidelines mentioned at the back of the packaging as he got a pot belly earlier when being fed 4 times a day with bigger meals. The packaging says we need to feed him 308 grams a day, divided in three meals. We are feeding him the same quantity but divided in five meals a day. We plan to decrease the number of meals gradually. Every puppy is different from the other and hence we need to cater to the needs specifically.

Leo is now 16 inches long and 15 inches tall. He weighs 4.5 kilograms approximately. He seems to be on the lower side as far as the weight is concerned and that is because he suffered from diarrhea last week. We are hopeful he will grow fine in the coming days. Leo has become the apple of our eyes :) and has charmed his way into our hearts!!

Before I end the post of today, here is a pic of Leo - The Lion!!  :D 

Now, that's a walk full of attitude

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