Friday, March 20, 2015

Fun With Rottweilers - Day 72

Leo is 72 days old today. He has developed several habits which we are in awe of. He is a super cute little puppy.

He welcomes us so lovingly each time we enter the house from outside. My husband takes him out every morning and if someday, for some reason, he can't; Leo will carry his collar in his mouth and keep following my husband wherever he goes. He understands that this is the time for his walk and he is still not gone.

Rest of the day, he is all behind me all the time. He has to sit on the kitchen rug, while I cook; on the couch, while I work on my laptop; has to walk behind me when am moving around in the house. And it just doesn't stop here. He will sit at the washroom door, for as long as I am inside :) .

He is also an entertainer for my 7 year old kiddo. Watch this video where Leo fetches his toy for my son.

Here is another video of this cute lil pup, shot today

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