Monday, March 16, 2015

Puppy Vaccination And Eating Habits - Day 68

Leo is 68 days old today and he got his third round of vaccinations yesterday. He is doing very well since the last time he had an upset stomach. He is very active and playful through out the day and takes a few naps in between. Last week his weight was around 5 kgs and yesterday it came out to be 7.25 kgs, which is still on the lower side but he is catching up. Leo's vet is happy the way Leo is growing.

Leo enjoys sitting on the couch while I work on my laptop and likes to sit on the rug in the kitchen when I am cooking. He has learnt several commands and I will be shooting a video very soon to show how obediently he follows them. Leo is now able to follow "Come", "Sit", "No", "Off", "Down", "Eat" and "Stay".

We are taking him out for walks twice a day for 20-30 minutes each time and he really enjoys them. He enjoys his plays with other dogs and here is a video of him shot this morning when he was playing with a 8 month Labrador.

Leo has become really choosy these days in terms of his food. He is not liking Royal Canin Rottweiler Junior anymore and we need to mix it with a tablespoon of milk or curd. We also mix it with a boiled egg/cottage cheese alternatively, and he is too happy to have it then. I have got Royal Canin Maxi Junior food for Leo this time to see if he likes to eat that. I am yet to start it and will post the details about them as soon as I introduce it to Leo.

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