Sunday, March 22, 2015

Puppy Vaccination - Day 74

Leo is 74 days old and got his first Rabies shot today. He weighs 10 kgs now which is okay.

As mentioned in my earlier posts, Leo had stopped liking Royal Canin Rottweiler Junior and hence I had ordered Royal Canin Maxi Junior for him. Unfortunately, he is not liking it too. We are having a hard time feeding him. We mix it with boiled eggs to feed him and sometimes he rejects that too. I am now looking for other dog food options. May be he will like others. The vet suspects that Leo's stomach might be upset and he is not feeling hungry so he prescribed some medicine yesterday. We have started the medicine today and will see how it flares.

Leo has reduced biting and nipping to a great extent. That's a big relief!! He is learning what to bite and what not to. Am sure he is going to be an obedient and disciplined dog in the times to come. Here is a video of Leo shot few days back.

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