Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dog's Feeding Bowl Stand

Since Rottweilers are large breed dogs and grow up to 22 inches tall, eating from the ground level is very unhealthy for them. It causes stress on the neck and back muscles and leads to incorrect posture.  An elevated feeder aids in digestion and reduces ingested air.

Leo has been growing up fast and we had been thinking of buying an adjustable feeding stand for him. So we ordered a feeding stand for him online and it got delivered today. Below are the pics :

Before Assembling

When we opened the package, Leo got scared of the new bowls (they are much bigger in size than his current ones) and started barking. Watch his reaction to the his new stuff

To see how the feeding stand can be assembled, watch this video :

And this is how it looks after being set up :

After Assembling

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