Monday, March 9, 2015

Puppy Vaccination - Day 61

It was Holi in India two days back which is one of the major festivals here, and hence, I was too occupied to write a post for Leo.

Leo got his second shot of vaccination yesterday which was a 9 in 1. His next vaccination is due on 15th March. Leo did not get any fever after both of his vaccinations received till date. He is growing up too fast and people are noticing it. His is becoming even more active day by day. Here is a pic of Leo clicked today. He loves to rest his head on my feet or leg.

My looks are deceiving, I ain't that innocent!

The vet also measured Leo's weight yesterday and he is now 5.5 kgs. We has gained around a kilogram in the last 4-5 days.

My boy doesn't like to be on leash and this is what he does when he sees it!! Though he sits quietly when the leash has been put on. Below pics were clicked at Leo's Day 56.

We had started "Royal Canin Junior Rottweiler" for Leo 3-4 days back. Incidentally, Leo is not liking it when soaked, he likes to have it dry. We consulted the vet for the same and he said it was okay to feed them without soaking if Leo likes it that way.

Here is a video of Leo, shot 5-6 days back.

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