Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Puppy Doing A Handshake : Day 55

Leo never fails to surprise us with his intelligence and learning capacity. He is learning new things each day. We taught him "hand/paw shake" yesterday. My son practices the same with him today. Watch this video to see how nicely Leo obeys my 7 year old son and does a handshake.


But this little thing is not just cute. He has turned into a monster these days, biting us all throughout the day. He is teething and needs something to chew on all the time. We have got lots of toys for him and he has grown very fond of those. But he is still not sparing our feet, hands, clothes and furniture (which he can get hold of). 

When this lil boy is generous, he does come and sit at our feet calmly and generally sleeps resting his head on my feet. So I know that his biting habit is just a phase and we will soon overcome it. Raising a puppy needs a lot of patience, its a responsible task full of fun.

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