Thursday, March 19, 2015

How To Make A Bitter Spray For Dogs To Stop Chewing

Leo has been chewing up a lot since the day he arrived. Initially he chewed our hands and fingers and gradually started chewing wall corners, furniture, slippers, shoes etc. We provided him chewing bones and toys but it didn't help much. With our regular, firm "No" to his chewing, he stopped chewing and biting us but still continued biting the other things. It wasn't possible to be around him all the time to keep watching him and stopping him from chewing up. He also used to lick walls which I didn't appreciate at all.

I searched for bitter sprays online but when I read the reviews, I was disappointed. Reviewers had mentioned that their dogs actually liked the taste of the bitter spray they had bought and wanted more of it :) . Hence, I dropped the idea of buying one myself. But the biting, licking and chewing was frustrating and so I came up with the idea of preparing the bitter spray at home. I made the spray from Neem also known as Azadirachtan Indica leaves. Its not only easily available but also very easy to prepare and store.

Neem [Azadirachtan Indica] tree is known for its chemical properties and has several medicinal benefits. Its leaves taste bitter and have anti-bacterial properties.

Neem Leaves

Neem Tree

Read on to see how we can prepare the "Neem Bitter Spray" for dogs at home :

Things you will need :
  • An Empty Spray Bottle
  • Neem leaves - 100-200 gms
  • Water: 1 Litre
Preparation Time : 15-20 minutes

Steps to be followed :
  • Wash the Neem leaves thoroughly
  • Pour the water in a sauce pan and start boiling it
  • Put the Neem leaves to the pan and keep on boiling for 15 minutes till the water reduces to half.

  •  Remove it from the stove and let it cool. The water would now be brown in color.
  •  Strain the water and discard the leaves.
  •  Pour this Neem water in the spray bottle and you are good to go.
  • Here is my spray. I have reused an empty spray bottle already available at my home.

My Neem Bitter Spray

How To Use It :

Spray it over all the places where your pet chews and licks. You will need to re-apply it frequently until your pet understands that that's not something he is supposed to chew/lick on.

I prefer to spray it as soon as I see Leo [my puppy] chewing on something. It not only tastes the bitterest when sprayed fresh but I also get a chance to say "No" to him. This has worked for me like anything and Leo has started understanding that he just can't keep chewing everything around.

Benefits of Neem Bitter Spray
  • Its totally safe for your pet, has no harmful chemicals and can be used without any health concerns
  • When licked by your pet, this spray helps in killing the worms in their stomachs, if any
  • It kills the germs wherever its sprayed, so its good for the hygiene of your house too
  • Its going to stop them from biting and chewing for sure
  • It saves your money too :)

I hope this is going to help all the proud pet owners. If you have any questions, do post them in the comments. Good Luck!

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